My dogs are like family members, and my relationship with their human counterparts is equally as important. As a dog owner and business woman, I am attuned to the value of knowing that your pet is in good hands and loving care while you take that vacation or business trip. 

We are located in North Hollywood, a beautiful and short distance from Griffith Park and Runyon Canyon.



  • WALKS!Minimum of 3, 30-60 minute walks per day, (depending on the nature, age and health of your dog)    plus pee breaks when nature calls!
  • DOGGIE TREATS!All natural, homemade, grain free  (sometimes raw + vegan).
  • ENERGY THERAPEUTICS Additional fee
  • SOCIALIZATION in leash-free areas, green areas and trails, nature walks.
  • ATTENTION! TONS of pets, kisses, love and affection. I keep my boarding pups to a maximum of 4 at one time to keep care and attention at a premium.
  • TWITTER FOR DOGS! Daily status updates on the events of the day...If required or desired, check-ins are available and I am happy to put your mind at ease with updates and photos
  • PUPPY PICS! I LOVE taking pictures of my pals on walks, hikes, runs, or lazy afternoons with a bone. I am happy to shoot a few over for the photo album!



Your furbabies will be well exercised and well loved all day long!!

  • Runs, walks and leash-free playdates in High Park        (min. 3 walks/day plus pee breaks of course!)
  • Holistic & Homemade Doggie treats and snacks
  • Lots of socialization
  • Tons of hugs and kisses and puppy love
  • Extremely personalized homecare



                 $55 PER DAY FRI-SUN




My dogs get nature hikes through High Park and along the west end waterfront. On certain days, treks to local Toronto natural reservation and parks are arranged.

My dogs are only taken off leash at the request and permission of the client. Dogs needing special care and attention will receive it.


1 HOUR WALK......... $18

30 MINUTE WALK.......$13


Please contact me directly for information on




All dogs in my care are personally screened. All of my dogs in group environments have been assessed for aggression and fear based anxieties that exhibit negatively with other dogs.

I also screen to ensure dogs have received proper care and shots to be in a pack environment.

Any dog needing care for aggression and anxiety, should also be allowed the right to experience life in a pack, and in a park.

I am happy to work with dogs needing assistance. Please refer to my Energywork section.

Please Contact me for intake forms.











 We serve the following areas:


North Hollywood + Toluca Lake + Burbank


We are conveniently located near 

Runyon Canyon 

Griffith Park

Hollywood Park.

We take small groups of our dogs (5 maximum) on jaunts in open +green spaces that allow your pup to get the workout they need and deserve.

My name is Kerry.

I am a R.H.N., Certified Holistic Nutritonist (CSNN Toronto) with a background in environmental wellness & consciousness-based, vibrational energy medicine.

I have coupled my strong passion foR whole living with my love for dogs by providing In Home Dog Boarding, Daycare + Walking and Holistic Care.





It is my greatest wish to send  my four-legged clients home feeling as though theyve spent a weekend with family~ Happier and healthier for it!







I am  trained in Bodytalk and Mindscape and continue to explore the infinite healing possibilities with this consciousness based modality through new courses and experiences. 



 I perform distance healing sessions on animals, people and develop integrative therapies for people and their pets.



I also practice Bodytalk and holistic/Intuitive Nutrition out of Park Road Healing Arts Centre in Toronto



And conduct distance sessions for nutritional healing, incorporating Bodytalk to heighten healing benefits, via Skype Consults.

Bodytalk is an extremely simple, effective holistic therapy that allows the body's energy systems to re-synchronize so they can operate as nature intended.

 Each system, cell, and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times. Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life however, these lines of communication can become compromised or disconnected, leading to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental well-being.

Reconnecting these lines of communication enables the body's internal mechanisms to function at optimal levels, thus repairing and preventing disease while rapidly accelerating the healing process. In this way, BodyTalk stimulates the body's innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels.

Physical. Emotional. Spiritual.

I am an integrative therapist, combining my 12+ years of education and experience in the wellness field and intuitively matching the animal and/or person to the care best suited your body's needs and priorities for healing.

With the addition of Bodytalk and access to an internal dialogue with the body (pet or human), healing is taken to an entirely different level.

Bodytalk allows the practitioner to address core issues where the body seeks attention, as opposed to the practitioner taking the reins.

In essence, the patient's healing process is interactive and in their hands always. This places healthcare and the power to heal where it belongs – within the patient themselves.







A powerful adjunct to my energy work with animals and people are flower remedies.

Their incredibly subtle yet powerful ability to unfold the human condition, leaves us deeply and profoundly connected with the purest part of our souls.

Simply put, flower remedies are highly non-invasive, non-toxic, all natural tincture-based formulations based off of different flowers, that address emotional, spiritual and thus, physical issues in animals,babies and adults. They have the ability to address issues at our very core, allowing us to unfold longstanding and deepseated emotional issues that may not otherwise be addressed.

Pets are extremely responsive to this vibrational medicine because they are so deeply intuitive and free from belief systems and conscious chatter that we humans are so good at allowing to get in the way  that put up barriers to healing in us. Incredible and miraculous results have come from using this form of therapy with dogs and other pets. From fear of thunder and lightening to deeply imbedded traumas of abuse, abandonment and mistrust; agression, and so on.

Feel free to read an article I wrote recently for Organic Soul, on Flower Essences





I am a R.H.N.. Registered Holistic Nutrional Consultant and Educator in Toronto. I have a background in several holistic modalities, with a strong focus on Environmental Wellness in the home for the health and well`being of the whole family, our external environment and community. This includes your pups!

I combine my experience as a holistic nutritional consultant, raw vegan food chef and self professed lover and master of tonic herbal exlixir craft and Chinese herbal medicine to create a dynamic, effective, easily-implemented mode of healing for both human and animal.

All charged with powerful herbals and tonics 5000 years tested and true, coupled with energetic properties that heal on several levels of being, Intuitive nutrition teaches a new paradigm of health and true living. It also how to go about eating and LIFE, intuitively and from the heart space, where all the answers to our life's questions are waiting to be uncovered. And lastly, healing body through food and sacred medicine will strengthen our connection to our physical bodies, the first step in reconnecting to our emotional and spiritual bodies, alowing us to live truthful and fulfilling lives based on our calling and purpose. ~ so you could say, nutrition feeds intuition too.

Once the body gets hold of what it needs, imbalances, cravings and addictions fall away, healing begins from a very true place, and

Sovereign health becomes possible.

This mandate is possible for your pet too. I am able to assess imbalance and provide a similar philosophy for healing core issues and dispelling myths about what true nutrition really looks like.

Our animals can be healed on all levels through healing foods, herbals and energetic forms of therapies.

Going even deeper, our animals are portals and lifelines to what we need to heal in our own lives. They are in and of themselves, intuitive beings that have an incredible knack for healing human .. and

 we have the ability to tap into this information.

We have been a fed a whole lot of nonsense and false, uneducated information in media and marketing about what is needed and what we need to BUY to heal. Fear mongering and oversaturated markets full of products that dont cut it take up space on shelves and in our minds and cause confusion over what is best for our pets.

So how do we decipher and translate true information from marketing jumble? Natural, All Natural , Grain Free, Clean, Organic...

I can cut through the grey area and provide you with the information needed to start a truly sustainable and healing diet for your pet.


Kerry Ford. R.H.N.

Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Bodtalk Practitioner









I am a R.H.N.. Registered Holistic Nutrional Consultant and Educator in the Toronto area and surrounding. I have a background in several holistic modalities, with a strong focus on Environmental Wellness in the home for the health and well`being of the entire family and our external environment and community. This includes your Pups!

My love for dogs grew very strong when I lost my beloved jazz 3 years ago. I learned very quickly, the beauty and power that animals hold in our lives; Physically, emotionally, spiritually. Once I lost my physical connection with her, I realized fully, the power they have to heal us two legged creatures, just by being present.

Presence is a very important lesson to be learned from our wise companions.

Going forward, I knew part of my calling in life was to work with them, be present for them and do what I can to support their healing so they can be present for their families; For you! This is their job.

I have now coupled this awareness by integrating my holistic experience and educational background into a space where I can be fully present and supportive of my dog client's needs and wants on many levels. I am currently getting certification in a form of intuitive healing/energy medicine that I will also be able to apply to dog and family.

Check out

My goal is to provide the overall best care while their owner's are not present to do so; As  well as provide supplemental support when needed and desired.

I love your furbabies as much as I love and care for my own, and I welcome them into my loving home.



 Contact me directly for rates & schedules regarding Boarding, Holistic Nutritional Services & Dogwalking. I will shoot you over a full list!

Kerry Ford, R.H.N., B.P.

Holistic Wellness Consultant, Educator

Bodytalk Practitioner





"I want to thank you for the amazing care that you provided for Mona. I was really reluctant to leave her with anyone as she was so young and had never been left before.  After speaking with you (several times-i'm a wee bit neurotic) I felt confident leaving her in your capable loving hands. You took the time to learn Mona's routine and her quirkiness and you made every effort to accomodate her and to reassure me.  By the time that we dropped Mona off with you I felt comfortable that I was leaving her with someone that took her care seriously and got the sense that Mona was about to spend the week with a trusted friend.  You responded to my (frequent ) e-mail inquiries patiently and provided updates on a regular basis.   Upon picking Mona up we were greeted by a happy, genuinely well cared for puppy.  We would not hesitate to leave Mona with you again and have recommended you to several pet owners.  Should anyone considering your services want to speak with me regarding a reference please don't hesitate to provide them with my name and telephone number.

I wish you every success in your future endeavors and want to sincerely thank you once again for caring for and loving our Mona while we were out of the country.  You are so lucky to have found something that you are gifted at doing and that there is a need for and that keeps you satisfied."

~Deborah J.

Roncesvalles Village, Toronto, Ontario | ( 647) 467-2224


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